Food Services
Meal Card Procedures
Parents whose children will make any purchases in the dining room must make an initial deposit into the student’s lunch account. Parents are asked to initially depositing two weeks’ lunch costs into their child(ren)’s account. Students in grades K – 5 can turn their deposit money in to their teacher who will turn it in to the lunchroom. Students in grades 6 – 12 need to turn their money in to Mrs. Belch in the lunchroom. All funds earmarked for lunch accounts should be delivered to the lunchroom. Please take advantage of this service because students must have funds in their lunch account in order to use their meal cards. The school will except cash in the dining room, but it slows down the efficiency of serving the students during the morning break and the four lunch periods.

Each student (grades 6 – 12) will be issued a meal card at the beginning of the school year which has his or her name on it as well as a bar code. Students in grades K – 5 will have their account numbers printed by class on a class roster. There is no need for them to memorize their account numbers or use their meal cards.

Students may make purchases in the dining room during morning break and lunch (grades 6 – 12). The card functions much like a prepaid debit card. As the student makes purchases for snacks and/or lunch, the cost is deducted from the individual’s account. Please keep this in mind when deciding how much money to deposit and keep in your child(ren)’s account. Mrs. Belch will issue a balance slip to students who have $10 or less in their accounts. Parents will be asked to fund the lunch accounts so their child(ren) can continue to use his/her meal card. When funds are depleted in the account, the students will not be permitted to charge their food and drinks during the morning break and their lunch period.

Parents and students are responsible for monitoring the amount of food purchased. Parents may request a transaction history at any time to review your child’s purchasing habits.

The meal card can only be used by the child/ren listed on the account. Students are only permitted to purchase food and drink that they will consume and may not purchase food or drinks for friends on their meal card.


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